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Whatever the institution — congregation or college, community center or school — KEIRUV stands ready to provide the full-array of rabbinic support for a couple of hours, a day, a weekend, or longer.


Whether it is because your organization does not have a rabbi/cantor, or your regular rabbi/cantor is away and affirms this supplemental support, our Rabbi-in-Residence offerings may include but are not limited to the following:


· Inspired Leadership for Weekday, Shabbat, or Holy Day Worship

· Compassionate Pastoral Care: Home, Hospital, Hospice Visits

· Engaging and Enlightening Youth & Adult Education


KEIRUV will tailor, as best we can, these spiritual, educational, and emotional support services to the interests and existing practices of the organization.


We look forward to these moments together with you!

FEE: None (except expense reimbursement). However, KEIRUV will ask you for a “Pay-It-Forward” Donation to help other families, couples, individuals in need. To find out more, visit our DONATE page or connect with us via our CONTACT page. Thank you!


"To whom it may concern at KEIRUV, we wish to thank you so much for the wonderful Shabbat with Rabbi Marshal. He definitely ignited a fire here! We’ve gone without a rabbi for so long, we almost forgot what kind of spark a rabbi can bring. We received so many positive comments from our active members and even had members who had not participated in years motivated to return. Speaking of returning, we look forward to Rabbi Marshal’s! Thank you." (R.C. – Religious School Director) 

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