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Pastoral Care

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 
(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) 

Within that human experience, our minds, our hearts, our spirits are often confronted with challenges, vulnerabilities, trauma. All of these — regardless of their perceived size or significance — contain the potential for future growth. However, in the moment they are happening, these experiences can be overwhelming, isolating, painful.


KEIRUV acknowledges this hurtful reality and wishes to convey that — within life’s difficult moments — you do not have to be alone. Among your various sources of support, KEIRUV staff offers you the following emotional support services:


· Pastoral Care Visits: Homes, Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Hospices, etc.

· Emotional/Spiritual Counseling: In-Person or Remote

· Correctional Facilities Ministry


No doubt… life is full of struggle, wounds, and pain. The challenge we have — as spiritual beings — is in learning how to transform those struggles into strengths, how to find wisdom within the wounds, how to discover purpose from the pain.


KEIRUV does not claim to have the answers to those vital queries; KEIRUV is simply offering to be a partner with you in the exploration of your experiences and yourself. It’s through the exploration, that one may find their path winding back towards greater healing, wholeness, and harmony.


If interested in any of our emotional support services for yourself or a loved-one, please connect with us.

FEE: None (except expense reimbursement). However, KEIRUV welcomes a “Pay-It-Forward” Donation to help other families, couples, individuals in need. To find out more, visit our DONATE page. Thank you!


"There are not a lot of people with whom I can share my struggles. I worry about burdening them, or frightening them, or -worse- them not understanding me, leaving me to feel even more alone. KEIRUV offers me a rabbi with whom I can connect and share... someone who listens unjudgementally and supportively. As I belong to a congregation without a rabbi, I just wanted to let you know that I truly value this compassionate service. It means the world to me. Thank you." (G.B.)

"Thank you, KEIRUV. When I began counseling sessions with your Rabbi Klaven, I was filled with resentment and anxiety. Through reflective conversations with him, I learned more about myself and began some heavy internal lifting While I’m still in the process, as they say, I have not felt this good in years. The boulder that was on my chest has lifted and more light fills my days. I can actually say that I look forward now. I look forward to continuing this process. I look forward to whatever life holds for me. I look forward to the future. Thank you." (G.H.)


"I am delighted to hear of your visit to the Adams County Adult Correctional Complex, and to learn of the existence of KEIRUV.  I am one of the co-conveners of our Adams County branch of the Prison Society, and we have on a few occasions looked for a rabbi who might be able to visit the Jewish individuals incarcerated at ACACC, but you are the first who has been able to do this.  We very much appreciate it! I’m sure your support for their intellectual and spiritual development was especially meaningful. Thank you. What you are doing is inspiring! (J.Y.)

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