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“In life, a person is called by three names: 
the one parents give, the one friends give, and the one that is self-acquired. 
The best is the one self-acquired.” 

(Tanchuma Vayakhel 1)

In the contexts of Judaism, a baby-naming ceremony is both individual and communal. It is both the start of a personal journey of self-discovery as well as the start of one’s communal journey into the Brit Olam (Eternal Covenant) between God and the people of Israel.


Throughout most of Jewish history, a ceremony marking one’s covenantal entrance was limited to male offspring, accompanied — of course — by circumcision (brit milah). While circumcision remains the exclusive rite of Jewish males, Jewish females today can enjoy an equally moving (and far less painful) start to this journey of lasting meaning.


KEIRUV’s Baby-Naming service is tailored to fit with the unique spirit(s) of the child(ren) and the family via different readings and songs that accompany traditional prayers. This can include facilitating a traditional Brit Milah ceremony with a qualified medical professional. Often these celebratory moments take place in a family’s home, allowing the setting to reflect the intimacy of the moment. However, they can also be held in parks, beaches, community centers, banquet halls, etc.


Thanks to KEIRUV Director, artist/illustrator Christina Mattison Ebert, every child named through KEIRUV’s Baby-Naming service will be presented with an illustrated Baby-Naming Certificate, which can be framed and hung in the child’s room or elsewhere in the home.

FEE: None (except expense reimbursement). However, KEIRUV will ask you for a “Pay-It-Forward” Donation to help other families, couples, individuals in need. To find out more, visit our DONATE page or connect with us via our CONTACT page. Thank you!


“Rabbi Marshal provided clear guidance while remaining open and welcoming to our ideas. Together, we created a beautiful and meaningful service that punctuated a difficult period in our lives. We are grateful to Rabbi Marshal for enabling such a joyful celebration and much needed emotional release.”  (T.L./L.M.)

"Please accept our gratitude for your help in constructing a wonderful and incredibly meaningful baby-naming ceremony for our [granddaughter]. This was an event treasured by her parents and family. Hopefully, she will be strengthened throughout her life by her Jewish heritage. Your service certainly started her off right! I cannot thank you enough." (C.M.)

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