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In the fulfillment of its mission, KEIRUV's intend is to be a collaborative partner with other Jewish organizations: congregations, community centers, social service agencies, etc. As such, KEIRUV has established the following policies with respect to these appreciated institutions while innovating our outreach of rabbinic services:


1)  KEIRUV’s defined service populations are the unaffiliated, the underserved, and the general public.

· “Unaffiliated” shall be understood as any individual or family who identify as Jewish or Jewish+ but who are not members of a Jewish congregation;

· “Underserved” shall be understood as any individual or family who identify as Jewish or Jewish+ and who are members of a Jewish congregation but one not served by a full-time rabbi/cantor;

· “General Public” shall be understood as individuals/groups/institutions who do not identify as Jewish.


2)  KEIRUV shall not provide direct service to affiliated members of Jewish congregations with rabbis/cantors, unless congregational leadership consents to or requests service provision.


3)  For B’nai Mitzvah training and officiating, KEIRUV will respect a 1-month buffer-period between an individual’s or a family’s resignation from a congregation and KEIRUV’s provision of service.


4) Any affiliated individual or family who desires to be added to KEIRUV’s database must enroll on their own. They may do so here.


5) KEIRUV shall maintain the confidentiality of its clientele and their information. Where applicable, KEIRUV staff shall uphold HIPAA.


6) KEIRUV staff are mandatory reporters. In cases of suspected child-abuse or neglect, elder-abuse or neglect, or abuse or neglect of a dependent-adult, staff shall notify proper authorities.


These policies are subject to change. To share any thoughts on these, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are receptive of your feedback.

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