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KEIRUV, an independent nonprofit, affirms and fortifies Jewish life outside the congregational setting through direct provision of rabbinic outreach services to the unaffiliated and underserved within the Jewish community as well as Jewish advocacy within the general population.


We lead with compassion (רחמים).

We follow-through with creativity (יצירה).

We transform via the connection (קשר).


KEIRUV comes from the Hebrew root koof-reish-b/vet, meaning “to draw close.” It shares that root with the Hebrew words for relatives (krovim) and sacrifice (korban), for it was through sacrifice that our ancestors drew close to God. Historically, this Jewish value had been applied to mean “bringing people closer to Judaism.” Our KEIRUV flips-the-script by focusing first and foremost on “bringing Judaism closer to the people,” meeting your spiritual, educational, and emotional support need wherever you are!

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